How to avoid locksmith scams? Find a Certified locksmith!

Find a certified locksmith!

Locksmiths scams are prevalent all over the web. If you get in a situation where you need to call one, likely you are going straight to google and start calling the first thing that pops up, or the cheapest one you can find. The startling thing is that Google does a pretty poor job of separating the scammers from the good ones. Many scammers with fake listings make it to the top of Google, while many licensed locksmiths get stonewalled by Google because they don’t know how to tell the difference. Hopefully Google will improve this one day, but what do you do now? What happens when you call one of these scammers? What will likely happen is you will be forwarded to a call center and quoted some ridiculously cheap price. Then the call center will dispatch some local scam artist that will show up with a drill in hand. He will proceed to drill out your lock and then tell you it is going to cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t fall victim to this! If you find yourself in that situation ask for their license or certification number so you can be sure they are a legitimate locksmith! Really Google should start doing that as part of their listing process.

Here is our certification number by the International Association of Professional Locksmiths: Certification ID# 028603660

Don’t make the same mistake thousands of people make across the country every day. Call a certified locksmith and avoid getting scammed!

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And take the time to tell Google to get their act together, they are partially responsible!



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