We make and duplicate Car keys

At Locksmith Weston we can duplicate any kind of key. Today there are many types of high tech keys that differ for makes and models. There are all sorts of Vat keys, transponder keys, and smart keys. Keeping up with this technology requires investment in equipment and training. We offer key making and duplication for any make or model of automobile. This includes all foreign and domestic vehicles. If you have lost you keys we can even make the keys from scratch. We can duplicate keys so you can have a spare. If you have broken or bent you keys we can make a new one. We program all sorts of keys and use laser cutting technology. There are not many locksmiths out there that can provide this service because it requires an heavy investment in equipment and the training is quite intensive. Se work hard to serve the people of Weston to provide quality locksmith services. It is true that having keys made can be fairly expensive because of the equipment required, the codes, and programming, but we provide this service at the best prices you will find anywhere.

We keep key blanks in stock for all sorts of domestic and foreign made cars, we don’t have to special order anything. In fact most car dealer just end up calling us to make keys because they investment in equipment and keeping keys in stock, as well as the special training required can be costly. We are highly trained and certified professionals in automobile key duplication. Programming remotes, chip keys, smart keys, transponder keys, or vat keys is not a simple matter and should never be left in the hands of a novice.

We have the cheapest rates for making car, truck, or van keys. We don’t put huge mark ups on this service because it is already expensive enough to get the key blank and pay for the codes. We try to cover our costs and make a small profit just to provide the residents of Weston with a much needed quality service. If you are in need of new keys then please call us, we are the cheapest, highest rated, certified locksmith in Weston for key making, and key duplication services.

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