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Locksmith Services In Weston

Commercial Locksmith Weston

Whether you are locked out of your business or need new security locks installed, we are the premier commercial locksmith in Weston. With our expert team we will ensure a quality and affordable resolution to you business need. $19 Service Calls! We Have The Best Priced Commercial Locksmith Rates In Weston!

Residential Locksmith Weston

If you are locked out of your home, or need to secure your residence, our many years of experience in the locksmith industry will put your mind at ease. We are certified and licensed residential locksmiths in Weston. $19 Service Calls! We Have The Best Priced Residential Locksmith Rates In Weston!

Automotive Locksmith Weston

When it comes to automotive locksmiths you need a professional with all the new smart keys and security features on your car. Don't trust this job to a hack. Call us, we are certified, professional, automotive locksmiths in Weston. $19 Service Calls! We Have The Best Priced Automotive Locksmith Rates In Weston!

Locksmith Weston Misson Statement
Our mission at Locksmith Weston is to provide quality, affordable locksmith services in Weston. Serving our community is our priority. We believe very strongly in customer service and would like to think we make a difference in our community everyday. Being an experienced Weston Locksmith, we have seen it all. Our experience as a locksmith in Weston will benefit you. We will be more efficient as well as more polite and friendly because we are aware of your state of mind when you have to call a Weston locksmith. We provide 24/7 365 locksmith services because we know that problems can happen anytime of the day or on weekends. We are here for you! We will always provide quality and affordable locksmith services in Weston and never price gouge. Our reputation is important to us, word of mouth advertising goes a long way. We are a part of the community too, and we care! When your hour of need comes please rely on us. Give us a call day or night, we want to be your locksmith in Weston.

Locksmith in Weston you can trust

We have been in the locksmith industry in Weston since the mid 1990's and we understand the industry as well as our customer's needs. The Locksmith industry can carry a bad name, there are many scammers out there who will quote one price and when they show up jack up the price. There are also many locksmith companies in Weston who pretend to be professionals, but will show up to the job with the intent of drilling out your locks. They can cause you a ton of headaches and expense. They can damage your locks and doors. Please be careful and stick to a trusted, experienced, professional locksmith in Weston. We won't change the price , or try to drill your locks first thing. We are licensed, highly trained professional locksmiths in Weston. We are licensed, bonded and insured for every job and have an outstanding reputation in the Weston area for being a quality, trusted locksmith. Learn more about how to avoid locksmith scams from this article on how to avoid locksmith scams from this article on Angie's List. The gist is save a trusted Locksmith's number first and have it on hand. (954) 635-8895 Make sure your local locksmith in Weston as training and certifications such as, Florida Locksmith Certification & Training, or a similar training or certification. Automotive Locksmith Training Auto Locksmiths should be highly trained in today's technologies. Cars today have very high tech security systems that require the right equipment and training. Gone are the days of jamming a slim jim in the side of your car door. Every make and make have specific security systems and locking mechanisms, Keys are much more complex as well as ignition systems. Without proper training a novice could damage your vehicle. Make sure you choose Locksmith Weston, a Certified, Licensed, and Bonded Locksmith in Weston. We are specially trained on every male and model, we can program new keys and keep duplicates in stock for nearly every make and model, not to mention the best pricing around. We are also specially trained to work on ignition systems and perform key extractions, We program key fobs, as well as replace ignitions. Do you have a rare make or model of a car? Don't worry we have been around long enough to have either worked on the vehicle make or model before or at the very least been trained on how to work on it. We are insured for every job so don't hesitate. We know how some feel about their vehicles ans we will treat it as kindly as you would. Do your self a favor and call the best locksmith in Weston. Commercial Locksmith Training Commercial locksmiths should be among the most highly trained Locksmiths. One must have a high degree of confidence in a locksmith to put the security of their company in the hands of their locksmith. No matter if it is securing your doors, or limiting access to certain areas, precautions must be taken. If your business has of needs a safe, of course you need it properly installed and secured. You must have a very highly trained locksmith professional. We want to provide that security and service here in Weston. Securing you business can also be a costly endeavor, with employees coming and going, losing keys, not following policies, lay offs, or an other situation that may cause a security issue. Le us help you reduce these costs with an evaluation. Don't be fooled by others posing as professionals, we are the most highly trained locksmiths in the area and the right choice for your business. Don't trust anyone else. Just call us for an evaluation, or save the number in your phone, to know a trusted company to call with an outstanding local reputation is the best possible move you can make. Plan ahead! Residential Locksmith Training Be careful when you trust your home with a locksmith. Not only should they be highly trained, but the should be highly trusted as well. We live in a crazy and dangerous world, there are scammers and criminals everywhere. The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake with your residential locksmith choice. A novice can easily botch a lock installation and make you easy prey for a thief. Rest easy and call us. Our reputation is outstanding and we have provided locksmith services in Weston since the mid 90's. There are people out there posing as locksmiths that would install a lock just to break in later. Don't make the mistake of calling anyone else in a panic. Save our number so you know who to call in an emergency and don't put your family's  well being at risk.

Automotive Locksmith Services In Weston

  • Car Lockout
  • Key Making & key Duplication
  • Transponder & Smart Keys
  • Key Fobs
  • Ignition Replacement
  • Car Key Extraction

Commercial Locksmith Services in Weston

  • Commercial, Business, or Office Lockout
  • Mail Box, Cabinet, Desk Change or Re-key
  • New Lock Installations
  • Safe Lockout or Installation
  • Security Evaluation
  • Restricted Access
  • Key Pads

Residential Locksmith Services in Weston

  • Residential, Home, or House Lockout
  • Residential, Home, or House Re-key
  • Residential, Home, or House Lock Change & Installation
  • Security Evaluation

Locksmith Weston Areas Served In Weston By Zip Code

Locksmith Weston has been serving Weston since the mid 1990's as well as Broward County, and Southern Florida. We not only serve These zip codes, and Weston, we serve a much larger area. Please don't hesitate to call. Most likely we have a locksmith only minutes away. I do however prefer to think we don't just serve an area, we serve people. We serve people in a desperate time when they are vulnerable, frustrated, and just need good service at a decent price, and fast. We get it, and we wish to be that company. We are your neighbors, and your friends, we are part of the community. The odds are you go to church with us, or your children play ball together with ours, we may shop at the same grocery store. We are a part of the community. We care about Weston, the people of Weston, and the people who visit. Give us a call or save our number and let us serve you!


Testimonials are what we are most proud of. Thank you to all who take the time to leave us a few kind words.
I locked my keys in the car while coming back from vacation. I was tried, angry, and ready to get home. I called Weston Locksmith Co and they showed up in minutes and had me on my way in less than 15. They were friendly, affordable, and saved the day. Thanks guys!

Richard Thompson

I live in Weston and my kids go to school in Margate. I was running around after work trying to take my kids to ball practice. I was in a rush and went back inside because I forgot my purse only to find I managed to lock myself out. I called Weston Locksmith Co and they delivered. They showed up in 10 minutes and we were barely even late for ball practice.

Joanne Leslie

I have a terrible habit of losing things. I lost my car keys only two weeks after I bought it. Weston Locksmith Co made me a brand new set of keys for my car! I love them and I am sure I will be calling them again! Ha Ha Ha

Erin Langley

We Are Part Of The Community
At Weston Locksmith Co, we not only serve Weston, we are part of the community. We aren't some call center that dispatches unqualified locksmiths. We aren't some big locksmith chain, or franchise that doesn't really care about you or the community. We are a small local business. We really care about Weston and the local people and businesses. It is likely our kids go to the same school, or they have played sports together. It is likely we have attended the same church. We could have eaten at the same restaurant last weekend. We care about our reputation and that's why you can trust us to provide your locksmith services in Weston. We live here! We provide all the same services the big boys do, we just do it at a better price and we care about your satisfaction because we know we will have to look you in the eye from day to day. We can hold our heads up high because of the services we have provided over the last 20 plus years. Support you local Weston Locksmith! Let us be you locksmith of choice in Weston!

Avoid Google Maps & Google My Business When Looking for a Locksmith

Why looking for a Locksmith on Google Maps & Google my Business will get you Scammed

  [mashshare] As great as Google is at some things, they have proven to be quite terrible at weeding out scam artists and spammers from the real local Locksmiths on Google my business. All you have to do is Google locksmith and you will see hundreds of listings. The problem is most of them are spam and scammers. Do yourself a favor and skip that part and go to the organic results. Google has a very staunch process to get listed on Google My Business for locksmiths, the problem is they have it all wrong. The spammers and scammers all know the ins and outs of how to work the system and lay big money to black hat IT guys to get them listed everywhere. While the real local guys have a hard time even knowing what to do to get listed. Whether to try the same tactics, and often fail, or to try to do things the right way and fail. It is a fairly complex process for a local locksmith doing things the right way, and Google doesn't offer much help. The end result is lots of spam and scams all over Google my business, and the real locals being left out in the cold. Again take my advice, leave Google my Business alone and look at organic results. Also take the time to ask Google to improve their process! Thanks,be careful out there, and if you want a real local locksmith please give us a call!